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About Cadence

Release Date: 2016

Year    :   2016
By    :   Canada
Slogan    :   A real fantasy. A true nightmare.
Genre    :   Thriller, Horror
Time    :   88 min. / 1:28
Age    :   14+

 Cadence is having her famous popstar boyfriend, Taylor Lake, over for a weekend getaway at her family's childhood farm. Their romance is quickly interrupted by the arrival of Taylor’s friends, KC and JJ, a pair of affable drunks who wreak havoc wherever they go. The boys' childish pranks around the property put Cadence on edge and push her to the limits. Unable to distinguish between her growing nightmares and confused reality, her world unravels into terror and tragedy, revealing the true story lurking beneath the surface.


A real fantasy. A true nightmare.

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